Sunday, 12 April 2009

Meet The Team - Maggie Bob

Maggie Bob

Hi, I'm Maggie Bob. I was born in Paisely (Scotland), but now live in London (England). I'm married to Tim, and I started crafting after my husband took up photography (that's his photo of me here <--) and I became a 'hobby widow'. I used to craft all the time as a kid, often making collages out of household leftovers, and using fabric scraps to sew outfits for my troll dolls. The best thing about having discovered cardmaking is I also introduced my Mum to it, and as she lives about 400 miles away, it's nice to have a common hobby to keep us together.

Nowadays I mostly make cards, although I do dabble in sewing, and would like to try scrapbooking. My favourite part of making cards is creating layouts, and I'd be lost without my heat gun and clear embossing powder (as they help keep my colouring in neater!). I'm really looking forward to this new challenge, as I've only recently gotten in to stamping and am still discovering new techniques!

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